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So what is search engine optimization? Search Engine Optimization is the process of modifying your site to help improve the ranking of your site in search engine results. What good is it to have a website and no one can find your site on the search engines?

SEO is not an instant result service, it does take time for SEO changes made to a website to take effect in the search engines. This is due to the crawling of the search engines. Crawling is a process of the search engine visits websites throughout the internet and processing these pages for inclusion in to the search results.

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SEO Guarantees

Search Engine OptimizationWell, let us be blunt. NO ONE can guarantee as to the placement of your website on search engine results. Other companies will make such claims. And sometimes they may even get lucky with their results. But honestly there are too many factors when doing SEO to make claims that you can be #1 on search results. In reality if your site has never been optimized then SEO should greatly increase your search engine rankings.

So if there are really no guarantees, what can Website Service 360 SEO do for you? In most cases we can greatly improve your search engine rankings for most keyword phrases(2-4 word phrases). For obvious reasons if you’re trying to get on the 1st page for say “real estate” it will be very difficult for that to happen.

Search Engine Optimization Pricing

SEO pricing on the internet can have extremely varying results. We’ve seen some run for several hundreds of dollars a month with six month commitments. On up to several thousands of dollars. Personally we think that’s just crazy!

Before we go into our pricing we should tell you that our search engine optimization service covers all of the pages of your site, not just some of them. Why? Because you may have duplicate titles, content or meta tags from page to page on your site. And for most search engines this is detrimental to your search results.

Now what’s the bottom line pricing we charge for our SEO services? Well it varies, but typically we charge between $10-$30 per a page.

One SEO company we looked at was charging $550 per a month, with a 12 month commitment and that only covered a maximum of 34 pages on the site. On another note when pricing around for SEO services. If you find someone offering a flat rate for SEO services without even looking at your website, be very wary of them. In fact, move on to someone else. There are a great number of factors to consider when developing a SEO strategy for a site and a set flat rate, no matter the site, usually means you’ll be paying too much for the service or you won’t get the service you pay for.

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SEO Service List

Wondering exactly what we do for you in terms of SEO Service? Check out our service list below, just click on each item to learn more about what we do.

Baseline Report

Before any SEO work is started we take a snapshot of your current search engine rankings. This is done to give us, and you, a starting point. That way we can compare our SEO work against where your site started from.

Meta Tag Creation

Meta tags consist of Title, Description and Robot tags. These tags should be found on every page on your site. Meta tags also need to be unique for each page, otherwise some search engines will view these a duplicate content. We construct these meta tags for each of your pages and ensure they are focused on the keyword phrase for the page.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization is the core of the SEO process. We will optimize each page according to the keyword phrase for the page. This will involve making modifications to your existing content. It may also include adding additional content to your pages.

Monthly Status Reports

Our SEO service is a 6 month process. During that time frame we will send you monthly status updates on how your site is doing in the search engines. The primary search engines we check your site on are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Approximately 70% of internet searches occur on Google but we don’t want to leave out the rest.

Website Analytics

If you haven’t set it up analytics for your site already, we will setup Google Analytics on your site. This invaluable tool will allow you to see how many people are visiting your site, where they came from and if from a search engine, what keywords they used to find you.

If we set this up for you it will be attached to our Google account and we can give your Google account access to view the report. Once we’ve added you Google account to the access list you’ll be able to view the analytics anytime you wish.

Google Sitemap

We will prepare, create and submit a Google Sitemap. This is just another added step in SEO with Google.

SEF Links Optimization

Also known as Search Engine Friendly links, but more commonly as SEF. Some websites use link structures that aren’t very effective or helpful when it comes to search engines. SEF optimization will correct that and help the SEO efforts for those pages. Some website URLs may include a question mark in the URL followed by some meaningless data. For most sites, we can take that link and turn it into something much more useful for search engines to read.

For an example we’ll use the City of Boulder Colorado’s website. Their website uses a platform called Joomla. You can visit their site at For the purposes of this example we’ll be looking at their job openings page.

Before SEF Optimization

After SEF Optimization

Notice how much more useful the link is after SEF Optimization. The SEF optimized url has actual keywords used in the URL whereas the before URL does not.

The Whole Process

  1. First thing that you’ll need to do is to fill out a SEO quote request (look for the button below).
  2. Next we will evaluate your site. And send you a SEO report of your site including pricing.
  3. If you find the price to be fair and you’re ready to proceed then we’ll begin working our magic.
  4. First we evaluate your keyword choices and may make adjustments to them.
  5. Next we will give you a position report on the keywords and where your site sits on the search engines.
  6. Fair warning, we will be making a considerable amount of changes to your website. These changes will include:
    1. Changing the file names of your pages.
    2. Changing the titles of your pages.
    3. Editing your content or adding to it.
    4. Basically changing everything we need to in order to improve your rankings without losing the idea behind your site.
  7. We give you updated ranking reports to show you the improvements of your site in the search results.

So if you’re ready to improve your website’s search engine optimization all you need to do is fill out our SEO Quote form by clicking the button below.

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