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website maintenanceWe understand that not everyone wants to host their site here at Website Service 360 and that’s OK. We understand if you’re happy with your current hosting provider. And as long as you’re happy that’s what matters. But what if you need some website maintenance done to your site? Who can you turn to? You guessed it, Website Service 360!

Website Maintenance

We can perform website maintenance to a multitude of website types. Check out the type of sites we’re very familiar with:

  • Websites based on the Joomla framework
  • Websites made with WordPress
  • Custom Websites done in straight HTML
  • Custom Websites done in PHP

Don’t see website type that looks familiar to you or not really sure how your website was made? Just contact us and we can take a look at your website and figure it out for you. Now that’s not an all inclusive list of site types that we can perform website maintenance on, we’re very good at breaking down most any website and figure out how things are working on it.

Website Maintenance Prices

We’ve got only one price for our website maintenance. That being $1 per a minute. Where other places would charge you a full hour for updates even if the work only took a few minutes. Not Website Service 360. We only bill you for the work we actually do. There is no obligated contract for getting website maintenance service done to your website. You simply tell us what you need done, we do it and bill you. No monthly fees or anything like that.

Pay for only the changes you need!

We believe you should only pay for work that’s actually done! And as we said before you don’t have to be hosted here at Website Service 360 in order for us to do website maintenance for you. Even though we offer great hosting plans.

Website Maintenance Inquiry

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