We appreciate your interest in our special offer for people on Twitch.

The Process:

To make this process as smooth and relatively quick here are some things you should do.

If you don't already have a domain name, take some time to determine what your domain name will be. AND find out if it is available.

Have your content ready.

This means have an idea of what pages you want to have on your website. Have the text ready to go and any pictures. You will be able to either upload a zip file of your content to us when you fill out the form below, or make your content available to us on something like Google Drive.

If needed, we can provide some stock images for your website. Let us know and we will give you a link to the site where you can search for stock images.

Have an idea of the color scheme for your website.

We do not provide logos. So, that means, we can put your site's name in text, use a logo that you provide or we can recommend you to someone should you need a logo.

We do not collect money for your site at this time. What we do is build your site on our development server. When we've completed the site and you approve it, we will invoice you. Once payment has been received, we will transfer the site to the live server.

The Theme

We use one theme for building out these special offer sites. However, this theme is very versatile and can great an almost limitless number of designs. And comes with Lifetime updates. Below are just 2 examples of what we can make your site look like.

Offer Form:

  • Enter in your color choices. For example; White background, black text, blue primary color and green accent color. You can also use color codes like #000000.
  • Is there a website that you've seen that has a design style that you like?
  • Accepted file types: zip, Max. file size: 6 MB.
    You will need to zip your content in order to upload it. If your zip file is less than 6mb, then you can upload it. If not, then you'll need to use Google Drive or something similar to upload your content to. And share it with us.