Thank you for your interest in signing up to be an affiliate for Website Service 360.

So what we're doing here is offering a special deal for Twitch users to get a professionally designed website for 360 dollars. Ideally, our intention was to have streamer promote this, which could be done as easily as setting up a timer in one of your bots. However, that doesn't mean you can't promote the offer on your social media, or website if you already have one. Just make sure they know your twitch name. If the person does not select your name in the form I can't give you credit for it.

The Do's

  • Promote the offer in your stream
  • Promote the offer on social media
  • Promote the offer on your website if you have one
  • Promote the offer to IRL people that could benefit from having a website

The Dont's

  • Spam people's inbox
  • Modify the details of the offer
  • Promise people it will take X number of days to complete

Payout Rates

This affiliate deal works on an increasing pay scale. All affiliate will start out at 25 per a sale. And increase by 5 dollars for every 10 sales until you hit the max of 50 per a sale. Your pay rate for this offer does not decrease. See the list below for further details.

  • 1-10 sales = 25 per sale
  • 11-20 sales = 30 per sale
  • 21-30 sales = 35 per sale
  • 31-40 sales = 40 per sale
  • 41-50 sales = 45 per sale
  • 51+ sales = 50 per sale

What determines a sale? When someone signs up for this deal and has paid for it. We don't collect money until the site is completed and the customer approves it. Once approved, we send them a link where they can pay for it. Then we can credit you for the sale.

Signup Form

  • This email address will be used for us to email any correspondence such as payment reports. Any changes that alter the offer, and so.
  • We pay your referrals via PayPal. Please enter the email address you wish to be payed on.
  • Select the minimum amount of money you want to be payed out.